Throughout its fifty years in the business RO.AN. has always set itself the goal of total customer satisfaction, whatever might be demanded of it.
Our constant efforts to find new materials and attention to detail and the latest fashions – both colours and styles  –  means we can create jewellery with exclusive, elegant designs for both classic pieces and those in line with the latest trends.
  • WE IMPORT NATURAL GEMS carefully selecting their quality, cut, colour and purity.
All our jewels reflect the passion of the craftsmen who create them and produce fine emotions in those who wear them – joint pride in their excellence and quality.
We are happy to study production lines with our customers to suit their budgets.
We offer our customers the services of one our designers to turn their ideas into reality, for personalised “bespoke” jewels replete with meaning, unique intimate items.
We have the wherewithal to satisfy every demand made of us in very short period of time thanks to the constant renewal of our lines and collections, both for her and for him. We guarantee the maximum precision in tooling and easily meet the standard of quality expected of the “Made in Italy” label.
Attached is our catalogue providing an idea of some of the items we produce.
We will be present at VICENZAORO

Some works of art must be interpreted and described in order to be understood; others arouse emotion merely at a glance. expresses all its passion, skill, and innovation through its jewelry: ethereal and tangible sensations that arouse and convince its clients. creates unique and particular jewelry pieces by drawing inspiration from nature:


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Source rough : Madagascar . We select and import stones

From the Earth to the Jewel
is the most befitting slogan.

FOUILLE is a preciously unique choker in amber glint gold worked into jointed, ramified leaf form.

White and brown diamonds, pearls, and emerald leaves expressly designed and cut to size in Italy alternate in harmonious succession along curved but resilient interweaving fronds with all the details of a natural plant’s forms.

Every leaf, every setting, and every particular is skillfully worked to the finest detail with the distinctive craftsmanship of Made in Italy goldsmiths, features that just come naturally to